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Advertise at these Free Classified Ad Sites.
This is a manual list of Classified Ad sites where you can advertise for free. They're all free, although most of them will urge you to upgrade and pay. And for some sites it pays you to do so. I'm just giving you a choice. Try it free first - easy when it's so cheap...
This list is alive, healthy and growing. If you find a bad link, please report it by emailing me. (Click on my name.) If you find a link has changed and is no longer free, please also report that. If you find any other free classified websites, please tell me about them too. If everyone contributes their small share, everyone will be richer for it.
Thanks, . < < < < My name.

Click on a letter below for a list of where you can place FREE Classified Ads. The desired page will open. You choose a link and place your ad. When you're done, return here, find another site and do it again. Soon you'll have your ads all over the Internet.
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Is it worth advertising at FREE Classified Ad Sites?
Consider this...

Each and every item must be advertised to be sold,
so that money can change hands.

Usually... More advertising = more sales and more sales = more income, but...
Stop doing this!
Advertise using your hard-earned cash.
Collect credits.
Click for credits or pennies.
Promote someone else's site just so you can
collect enough credits to advertise your business, or
pay someone else to use an Adblaster
that you have no control over.
The usual way would then have been... Start small.
As sales are made, collect cash.
More income = More ads.
In time, more sales might mean more income than expenses-
IF you can wait that long.

No way. Not anymore!!
Still sitting on the fence?
If you decide NOT to advertise, you won't sell anything.
If you prefer to pay for your ads, then that's your business.
If you think paid ads are superior then you're dead wrong.

Many items are easier to sell with paid advertising,
while other items are easier to sell using Classified Ad sites.

What are you selling?

It may or may not suit FREE Classified Ad Sites.
If not, then FREE is just not going to be able to support you.

Advertise for FREE at Classified Ad Sites.
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You collect credits, and cash, from your customers.
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All the manual labor you expend on advertising
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Advertise all over the Internet with no cash, no credit,
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Now, you can advertise everywhere, whenever you want,
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Isn't that much better?
This is awesome!

Got nothing to sell? Prefer to earn money?

To make money on the Internet you must start somewhere.
You can start with programs that you join for free and earn money in this way,
or you can collect resalable items (ebooks with PLR rights, for example) and sell them for a profit,
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Search the Internet or the site below for programs, systems, ideas and items that you might find are perfect to sell so you can earn money from the Internet.

Then make money from the Internet and retire in peace! But first, advertise your chosen program!

Just find the Free Classified Ad section (or click here).
Click on the various letters of the alphabet and go from one site to the next.
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When you're done, sit back and watch those dollars roll in
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I'll keep my eyes open for those programs / systems with unlimited potential; unlimited growth; unlimited income; and those that have no ceiling, no limits to bonuses and/or earnings.
me, if you can stand a challenge, in building an Income from the Internet.
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Sorry. They died.

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A little note of Caution:
I've fallen into this trap before and although you don't need me to tell you, I feel I must. Be careful not to overspend or over extend yourself. It's too easy when you join many sites. The objective of this site is to inform you about all the ways of earning money without it costing you an arm and a leg or more than 24 hours a day to earn a decent living. I suggest you choose only one program or system.

Work it for 6 months, before giving up or moving on to another. That way you've given it the best of your attention and the best of your ability and if it doesn't work for you, you'll only have lost a little time, not wasted your time spreading yourself too thin. I know, because I did that at first and the only thing I received was a headache for trying to keep up with everything. I really thought I could handle it. It sounded so simple. It isn't and I couldn't and I don't believe you should.

Please do not fall into the same trap. Those sales pages are so enticing but you have to know where your limits are and put all your energy into one and only one program. Later you may expand, but only once the program you've chosen is working for you.

Most programs do work, if you follow their guidelines and do only the ONE program or system. Choose ONE!

Automate your business!
An AutoResponder that is free to start and try!
Paying for it only comes later, when you decide to go professional.
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ClixSense is very easy to refer people to, because it's
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If you upgrade, you earn more per click and per referral. If there are other catches I've not found them. If you do, please let me know. As far as I know they only pay with PayPal, so an account with them is imperative. Click here to get your PayPal merchant account.

Imitation Bamboo is called Bamfaux.
Bamfaux is Synthetic Bamboo / Imitation Bamboo / Artificial Bamboo. It is perfect for those themed parties, whether it's a birthday party or an Office party. It can make an area look elegant, give off an ambiance of the Tropical Islands, spruce up your pool or patio to Hawaiian / Polynesian, or tastefully re-decorate your outside Bar area to your own personal mood. Click here to learn more.
PayDay: This project is truly a realistic, honest, and legal income opportunity. Their methods work. You earn money. How much money depends on how much energy you put into it. It's suggested that you acquire an extra email address, preferably a free one like Yahoo. I did not see the necessity for that although there is a fair amount of extra emails. The site implies you can earn anywhere between $200 and $2,500 in 30 days. I've proven to myself this is not only probable and possible - it's a reality, a FACT. Click the banner, read up about it, then join PayDay. It's totally different from anything you've seen before.

Want your own website? web page? hosting? Affiliate site? Membership site?
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If you join under me in GDI, I'll build you a web page for free, suited to you.
Plus, if you read the fine print carefully and listen to the movie characters in the short movie, you'll find out how to earn money (residual lifetime earnings) all because you wanted you own website. Good hunting!

Regarding PayPal:
It's been quite some time since I upgraded to a merchant account. I did so at the time because I could only receive 5 incoming amounts per month. Their rules may have changed since. Also, I don't remember paying for this privilege at the time either. This might be something you need to investigate if you wish to do business on the Internet. If you're interested, click here.
This is rather new, so either get in or wonder if it was the right thing to ignore.
It's simple, easy, and definitely a money maker, especially if you follow the easy-to-understand techniques. And don't worry - No one will be left behind. After all, you still have me, right? Right!
At least give them a look-see before you decide you can pass this one by. Only after you have given it its full due and consideration and listened to what they have to say - if you honestly do this and then pass up on this chance - then that is your decision and I'll respect it. After all we all need a website if we are to advertise on the Internet. So - click here !
Another idea is to learn how to make a Website the Easy way by clicking here ($67.00)
Along with this Free offer please understand there are other offers on hand that do cost money.
Read them then make your own decision as to whether or not it's worth your time and consideration.

Free Programs - not demos, not trials, not try now pay later, not shareware, not freeware, not half a program - the full real live updated program with support and regular updates.

7-Zip takes the place of PK-Zip and WinZip and RAR.
OpenOffice is a word processing, spreadsheet & presentation program, similar to Microsoft Office.

For your own personal Rustic Bar, at home, visit JoeJude Enterprises.
Here there are wooden, pressure-treated solid pine Rustic Bars, weathered to perfection, ideal next to the pool / inside/on your patio / in back of hotels / wherever your Interior Decorator sees fit to place it / for rustic ambiance at Theme Parks and Resorts. We have rectangular and octagonal (8-sided) plus African Thatch Reed Umbrellas, wooden Bar Stools, Tiki Huts...... Click Here to visit.
To start this video...
A funny, informative Video from VideoJug called
How To Get Served Quickly At A Bar
Please click the Title.

This video might help you with Google Adsense, from YouTube. Click below...;color1=0xb1b1b1&amp;color2=0xcfcfcf&amp;fs=1

Visit often and you'll be pleased to see various additions that just might help you in your quest to make a living from the 'net. Or, maybe you'll enjoy the few links that I included, simply because I found them interesting.

If you need to, please contact me by email. Thanks, .


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